Character Design! (and introducing Luis)

It came the time for character design. With a couple of ideas in mind I contacted my friend Luis Gadea. He’s a very talented designer from Costa Rica who is currently specializing in traditional animation at Vancouver Film School.

check out hes blog

and vimeo channel

We started with a proportion study. I was looking for a big head but without making them look like kids. Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy came to mind. He’s able to express complex emotions with hes minimalist design and also, buy even with hes ridiculous proportions, discount you can take him seriously.

After an mail with a wordy explanation and a couple pictures Luis came up with this

Perfect! This doesn’t usually happen but he nailed it at the first try. Very happy with the proportions we had enough to start with MIC’s modeling. Now if you’re familiar with the story, viagra 60mg the girl is actually made from pieces of office supplies! so the proportion study wasn’t enough reference for modeling.

This one took a bit more tries. First sketch by Luis (oops! Spanish quotations, final sketch is in English for you guys)

Humnn not very feminine, specially the torso area and the hips needed to be more curvy. Also pony tail was missing and I wanted some asymmetry!

Second sketch

Much better, the curvy volumes in the torso and the ponytail made out of a paint brush where working. But the asymmetry attempt was too much, she isn’t a pirate!

Here Luis came out with the idea of using a broken grease pencil as one of the arms for articulation, nice! but the pirate hand problem was worse

Now we’re talking! we decided to keep a rather asymmetric length on the arms, nice touch 🙂 and leave the hands made out of paperclips. Now a final version in english!

Hope you like it. Now to design the environment!



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  1. Fantastic, ZanQdo! Impressive design by Luis too. I’m looking forward to seeing your early tests on this project. Keep it up. Who knows I might be able to help some other time? 😉

    Good luck and more power!


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