Cycles Textures Tip 1 Video

Cycles Video tip 1
This video explains Material shaders for use on different faces on the same mesh object.

In this video tip on Textures I explain how to use multiple textures on a single object (mesh):

        • Adding a texture
        • Unwrapping
        • UV textures
        • Assigning to faces and changing them. (lighting with an object)

You can watch either the SWF or right click the folder to download the MP4 either way it is totally free to everyone.

4 Replies to “Cycles Textures Tip 1 Video”

  1. Really like your tutorials. Simple, complete, and not overly slow or repetitive.

    Please keep them going, and if u can, alert me to new ones.

    (I’ve watched all of the ones up at 11/27/11)

    1. Ray, Thanks for the feed back. It is good to know they are helping people. Follow us on either facebook or twitter and you will know right when new ones get posted.

  2. thank you for the very clear tutorial.
    I just do not get the need of uv unwrapping for color assign!
    I could assign different colors anyway, also without unwraping and saving of diffet settings,
    and more, If I want to change colors assigned to any face, I do not need to update uv …
    What is that usefull to?

    1. You are correct, unwrapping is not always needed. But, unwrapping for rendering with Cycles is important to understand.
      Even if we are just assigning colors to faces you might want to try using an image with UV layout.

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