Cycles Video 4

Cycles Video one
This video explains Material shaders and the nodes.

In this video I will explain the Basics of Shaders:

        •  Surface shader
        •  Volume Shader
        •  Displacement shader
        • And the all important EmitterAddons 

You can watch either the SWF or right click the folder to download the MP4 either way it is totally free to everyone.

2 Replies to “Cycles Video 4”

  1. Holdout material
    if you go to render – film – and check transparent , the holdout material will act like a mask for your scena.
    i noticed that it cast shadows on the objects , so it’s not okay 😐

  2. basically you get a transparent RGBA which will look black in blender when rendering as the background/sky will be when checking Transparent on Film tab.

    update: to not get shodows from holdout object, go to Object – Ray visibility and uncheck all except Camera

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