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This sounds a bit lame but so true. ..

This project has just begun but we have already got the storyboard on line and the script is there. Today I set up the last links to FaceBook and Twitter. 

The main focus of this project will be to Blog about everything that we come across, buy information pills
problems, capsule triumphs, remedy failures, bugs and everything else. We are hoping this can be a learning experience for others that have the desire to make their own short 3D animation or movie.

We will keep this project as transparent as we can so you can watch the how to as it gets done. You will find video clips, meetings, test clips (and not just the ones that look good) and much more.
We will answer questions and be offering all the assets too.

You can help us by following us and telling others to do so also.

You can read the script on the script page, and see some of the images that inspire this production over on the Inspiration page.

Thank you all,
David Hickson

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