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From MIC’s perspective:

Some ideas I have had…

A Dream (?.)

Moving faster than

I really wanted

The moment is over

My dreams, drug they are  haunted


Scattered with chances

and missed romance

Life pasted me by

with only glances


Missed you again

when I looked away

My only real friend

I wish you could stay


If I could do it again

it would be the same

I would live my life

filled with shame


Is this moment for real

or am I dreaming?



I know it sucks but it was a quick run through.

I will revise unless someone out there can take it over for me or rewrite it. I would like it to have a double meaning. 

-Opening music should be a Clock ticking that fades in to a heart beating.

  • About missing out on love. That moment on a train or bus that you walk by someone and know that they are the one, story but you keep walking only to look over your shoulder to see them gone.
  • Missing that “creative juice” or that moment of inspiration that is fleeting. I know others have felt this, it is something we can all relate to.





Our goal is to inspire new, talented, imaginative, artist learn about 3d animation while telling the world a moving story.
We need your support in order to make this a a reality.
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