Modeling Video 1

Modeling Video 1
This video explains Using Images for reference.

In this video we will look at Images on a plane and images attached to empties:

        •  Image on a plane
        •  Image attached to an empty
        •  Adding both
        • Setting up to model

You can watch either the SWF or right click the folder to download the MP4 either way it is total

4 Replies to “Modeling Video 1”

  1. Hi, first of all, thank you for making these great tutorials freely available to all of us! However, it seems that the download link for this video is broken. When I right-click and choose “save link as…” it only wants to save as an html file, and if I left-click the link, it gives a 404 not found message. All the other videos seem to work fine, they will save as mp4 files and left-clicking opens and begins playing the video. It would be nice to be able to download the whole series to watch when I have more time, so if this link can be fixed I’d be very grateful. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. The link should be fixed now. If you see any others please let me know. As for all of the videos at once I am working on that. Maybe a DVD? Any way All I ask is that you Plus 1 us or follow us and tell lots of people we are here!

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