Quick Tip: How to set reference images in 3D view, the new way!

After choosing a design style (more on that later) I have started modeling the main character.

In Blender 2.58 there’s a great way to set reference images with the new empty display type “Image”

What this feature added by coder Campbell Barton does is enabling you to display images directly on empties.

Now it has a couple of secrets in it! Let’s look at the setup.

First a full opacity image empty:

Turn down the Opacity:

The problem with this is that when I start modeling, discount the model will block the image completely so it will get hard to match the design. So I made a duplicate of the empty in the same place (I have moved it forward slightly in the pic for clarity) and turned down the opacity.


Now to make this lower opacity version stand in front of any model just set the x-ray option on!

Can you say Sweet:

That’s it! see how you can now see a hint of the drawing even over your mesh object

Hope that helps you modelers. Keep tuned for design news!

Oh I forgot! to make textures in OGL look as crispy as this ones make sure to enable Anisotropic Filtering in the System preferences. It really makes a difference!

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