SVN and sharing.

Hello guys!!!

As you saw in my previous post on the forums I have finished a table model based on Luis reference. The task to complete this model was challenging because (for this and every other model that will come in future) I have to think mostly on poly count.
The first part of the table that I focused on was a complicated ones (the ones that should have more faces) and that is the main support of the table and center support of the table.

Next, diagnosis
I cropped the reference image to use it as a guide. I then inserted the image into Blender (by using “Background images” option in Properties panel – N key), treatment

Then, I created only half of the model and instead of using mirror modifier I used what is called a group instances. And that was the technique I used for the rest of the table.

The upper part of the table was made by using a smooth faces function (as well as every other part of the table that has hard edges). So the thing is that before starting on something I add a smooth to whole upper part, and after that play around with loop-cuts and slide function, by adding as much loops as I need, mostly on the ends of the model.

So now the complete table has around 36k ploy, which is quite good, compared to the 500k I had previously.


for people with recent Firefox or Chrome, watch the table in 3D!





Cyber studio back bone:

Ok, healing
so the fact is we are a cyber studio and we will someday all meet, but as it is now we have to share files remotely or this will be a huge mess.

While Daniel is working on setting up the animatic and Milan is making Models we need to share these files and not step on each other toes by breaking what the other guy does. What we are using is an SVN server to store the files and each person can go in make changes, add files and get new copies to work on. Each of us is on a different Operating system also. Daniel is on Linux, Milan is on Mac OSX and I am on Windows and Mac OSX.

In order for us to share these files we need a server!

I just jumped over to my host (Dreamhost, whom I love by the way) and set up an SVN repository with cool log in names and passwords for everyone! Then I passed them out to each person that will need access. Daniel uses a terminal to login and grab his “Working copy” I used an application called Radipsvn and Tortiose to grab my copy and I pointed Milan to a great article on SVN on a mac. I also found this cool GUI application called Versions for him to use but is costs $55 us. We shall see what works best for him

The way it works:

how SVN helps
Image credit goes to Versions

It is rather an easy concept really, one guy makes a file and others in the group can make changes to it. Each of us can see what files have changed and by whom and when the changes were made.

Cost to run this is nearly nothing due to the fact that we are just using my existing Host (did I mention Dreamhost?) and we are using opensource solutions to access the repository.

Sharing has never felt so good.


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