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Hello guys!!!

As you saw in my previous post on the forums I have finished a table model based on Luis reference. The task to complete this model was challenging because (for this and every other model that will come in future) I have to think mostly on poly count.
The first part of the table that I focused on was a complicated ones (the ones that should have more faces) and that is the main support of the table and center support of the table.

Next, diagnosis
I cropped the reference image to use it as a guide. I then inserted the image into Blender (by using “Background images” option in Properties panel – N key), treatment

Then, I created only half of the model and instead of using mirror modifier I used what is called a group instances. And that was the technique I used for the rest of the table.

The upper part of the table was made by using a smooth faces function (as well as every other part of the table that has hard edges). So the thing is that before starting on something I add a smooth to whole upper part, and after that play around with loop-cuts and slide function, by adding as much loops as I need, mostly on the ends of the model.

So now the complete table has around 36k ploy, which is quite good, compared to the 500k I had previously.


for people with recent Firefox or Chrome, watch the table in 3D!





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