The Script

“Making Love”

Script Draft

Story By: David Hickson

(Intro music plays…Camera pans in through the night sky, cialis 40mg downward through clouds, cheapest to a small village. A small cottage appears and we are drawn to a window glowing from the light inside. Camera continues through the window to the artist studio.)

The Man-I-Can (M.I.C., a wooden mannequin) is hanging from his base support bar on an artist work bench [close up on his face as he hangs lifeless.

(Cut to clock on the wall, the minute hand moves to the 12 with a click)

We see the clock toll  12 midnight but, we only hear 11 tolls.

(Cut back to Mic as he begins to wake up)

As he comes to life and climbs down of the support bar. His feet, not reaching the ground makes him stretch his toe to the table, as he does, he stumbles a bit as he falls to his feet. He then looks back at the support with an almost angry look, a violated stare as if he just pulled the bar from his ass.<hands on hips maybe.?. or he pushes it a bit>

He then slides down the main support, to a sitting position on the base. Appearing bored, he scans the room and notices a new sculpture on the table behind him (The Kiss). He gets up and walks toward it (he passes a lit candle which he passes carefully -Shows his fear of fire- added by Dipingo). As he carefully examines this new addition to his world, he realizes what is missing in his life, a mate…

He gets an idea!  He will make a mate from supplies found around the studio. He enthusiastically begins his search for supplies around the studio.

(Fade out on him holding up what will be her head…after digging through a small box of misalliance objects, discarding some of them after a quick look. {ie a cork for the head, eraser for the body pen caps for the arms ect.})

“We need to solve how he will move from place to place, can’t put him to run around the whole room because its too large for him, but we can design a connected environment made out of the desk, book shelves, piles of books, and the furniture around to broaden he’s range of movement. He can’t completely come down of the desk area (Daniel)”

(Fade in on Mic standing over his work)

His creation is complete! He lifts up the lifeless form and begins to dance around in a twirling motion with it in his arm. The toes of his masterpiece drag on the floor as he spins around dancing.

(Cut to new scene)

Mic is loading his new companion on to an old potters wheel. He then climbs on himself and with his foot he press the button to make the wheel begin to spin.

“The following still needs review, this whole story about how he notices the spinning seems pulled of, we need something simpler, less story disrupting “- Daniel

<The spinning is fun for a short time but throws both of them off and they land in a clump against some books. Mic gets to his feet slowly then rushes to help prop up his new best friend. Lifting her head gently he realizes she is not “alive” like he is. He then realizes he wishes she was alive like him.

He notices the potters wheel is still spinning and goes over to try to shut it off. He steps on the button gently at first and then in frustration he stomps on it, it still doesn’t shut off. He then begins to look under the potters wheel to see what the problem could be. He is backing up and looking under it as he trip on the old braided cord the powers the potters wheel and falls over the edge of the table into the fire place right near the fire.>

Modification: The spinning if fun, at first… then the girl begins to slip off the wheel.. MIC is holding her but she is slipping from his grasp. Her body is flung against some books and lands in a heap. MIC is still spinning and is flung off too. He is holding on to the edge of the table and looking upward… He slips… he loses his grip on the edge of the table and falls. His back hits the Fireplace screen and he falls into the fire. He jumps up quickly and brushes the fire off.  Trapped between the FIRE and the Fire place Screen he is very frightened, he backs himself as far away from the flames and against the fireplace screen… He is domed with no way out…

Just when he thinks all is lost! a spool of thread is tossed to him from above the other end is still on top of the table. He notices the thread (may need to be less flammable)  is being pulled back up slowly…so he quickly ties the end of the thread around himself. Slowly, he is lifted to the table… 

(Camera from his perspective we see him moving away from the danger)

(He then looks upward to the table)

When he gets to the top, he sees the other end of the string is attached to the Potter’s wheel and it is pulling him in! He begins to panic… he fights against the potters wheel as it pulls him closer… Just then..a hand swipes the thread with an exact-o blade and he falls to the floor onto his back side, he has been saved!  He looks up and there is his creation standing over him holding her hand out to help him to his feet. Although he is a bit damaged form the fall and the fire, he is very happy (He gets lift to the fire place, not the table. This lends to the feeling that they never get close?.?) . They embrace…

(Cut to the clock on the wall)

We see the morning son coming through the window…Shinning on the two as they hold each other close.

Just then! not realizing the entire night had passed, he hears the door open…

(Cut to the door, we hear keys and the door knob turn, the door opens slowly. Cut back to MIC)

MIC drops limp on the mantle, signaling to his new mate to do the same… As they lay there exchanging glances from afar, we hear foot steps moving closer to the the table and stop)

(POV of the artist. As the camera pans his work desk) (We hear an old mans voice in Broken English, possibly French or Spanish)

  The voice says, “Oh my what a mess.”

(POV of the artist still as he sees the 2 limp figures in a pile on the desk)

“Whad da shame…”  as an old hand brushes the two limp figures into a box…

The box is dropped on the floor…

(Classical  music begins…Camera shot, close up, birds eye view into the box)

We see the two in a loving embrace. As they hold each other we see they are happy, happy together. [Pan out ]

….{see alt ending’s below}….


Alternate endings:

Ending 1.

….and on the box  the word “kindling” is hand written.

(Freeze pan, hold for a couple seconds then change the music to some up beet tempo) [Fade out]


Ending 2.

….and on the box  the word “kindling” is hand written as we pan out we see the box is in the fire place catching on fire.

(Freeze pan, hold for a couple seconds then change the music to some up beet tempo) [Fade out]


Ending 3.

….and on the box  the word “kindling” is hand written as we pan out the box shakes around a bit. (curiously the camera pans back in quickly… we now see that MIC and his love are not in the box.

(Freeze pan, hold for a couple seconds then change the music to some up beet tempo) [Fade out]



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